Blue green lights head study. 7x9" Acrylic on paper.

Pendulum. 18x24" Acrylic, graphite and oil on gallery canvas.

Sandbar. 18x24" Acrylic on canvas.

Girl With Sphere. 24x24" Oil on birch panel.

Bouquet. 12x24" Acrylic on birch panel.

Idle. 7x9" Acrylic on board.

Blue Light. 8x10" Watercolour study on paper.

Blue Shirt. 11x14" Acrylic on canvas.

Eternal. 16x20" Acrylic mixed media on canvas. Private collection.

Standing in time. 16x20" Graphite and charcoal on mylar.

Source. 11x14" Graphite and Pastel on paper.

Resilient. 18x24" Graphite and pastel on paper.

Winter's End. 6x12" Oil and encaustic resin on birch panel. Private Collection.

Rising. 16x20" Graphite on paper.

Foam. 8x8" Encaustic on birch panel.

Crashing. 8x8" Encaustic on birch panel.

Get your feet wet. 8x8" Encaustic on birch panel.

Darnley Beach, PEI. 18x36" Oil on canvas. Commission.

Creature. 22x30" Graphite on paper.

Window. 15x15" Graphite on paper.

Impressions III. 10x10" Oil and charcoal on canvas board.